Sunday, 30 October 2011

Yoshi -The stray

Hya- Ony here. Yoshi appeared on the scene about 4 months ago. His a black cat with a very angular face and was at the time very thin. He was clever, he saw my male human open his car door and decided to jump in and make himself comfortable out of the cold. The thing was he eventually had to get out and male human was worried about the little fellow. A quick conversation with female human left Yoshi to be brought into Bromford court and we shared our lives with him for a round a week. Meanwhile female human tried to ring around to see if his humans could be located and called the cats protection league. Sadly they could not house him. He escaped after a week but still comes back for feeds. Devil hates him, its a male alpha thing I guess.

Heres some pictures of him ;) 

Moggy Mania- Poem that Darcy liked.

Meet The Bromford Cats

This blog is about our lives. I thought it would be best to let you know about us.

My name is Devilcat. I get called Devil, sometimes Dev, I was bought by my female owner in 2006. At that time the female was quite depressed and lonely after splitting up with her mate. She took one look at me in the pet shop and fell in love. I think it was my intricate tabby stripes, and white socks and white chest that won her over. I am a shy and nervous cat with anyone but my female human. I lived for the first year of my life in London and had many pals, namely Toby the fluffy black and white cat, who would play with me in the garden. But things changed when human female found a new mate and moved to Bromford Court in Birmingham. I remember leaving my old home, and my friends Toby was difficult for me. I was very upset for a long time and could never really accept the new male human in my life. My female human realised that I was sad and decided that I should get some company. Il let her tell you about that herself.

Hya....wait a fly....Il be back.
Lights....OOoooOO   lights....
Ok. I will try to concentrate.
I am Onyxia and I am.....odd.  /giggle  I am black and white (mostly black) and I was born in Birmingham in a place called Perrybarr. I was the runt of the litter and my mother pretty much ignored me. I was fed by a human instead and although I survived I was never as big as my brothers and sisters. One day a female and male human came to see me and cooed over me like I was their own baby. I was picked up and kissed all over and taken in a big noisy moving thing back to Bromford Court where I have lived ever since. I was a bit of a scrufy kitten and was unsure how to look after myself. I met Devilcat who took me under his wing and cared for me. Often cleaning me (he still does!). He was a bit older then me and we both seemed to love each others company. We are very different though. He is shy and retiring, and I am as mad as a hatter. I love running around and play fighting, and chasing flies. I especially like ladybirds right now. After a year or so me and Devilcat had children. I had three lovely kittens. A black kitten called Darcy, a tabby girl called Princess and a black and white cat- called blackandwhiter. Princess was given a nice home and the humans kept my boy Darcy, but unfortunately my other kitten had a heart attack and died. The humans cried a great deal, we were miserable here at Bromford Court for some time. The humans took the kitten and buried him between the trees in a pretty spot in the communal gardens. We watched them do it and if I ever want to see him I can look at his resting spot through our window. After some time passed I realised I shouldn't be too upset, as I still had Darcy.

Hello everyone, I love you all. I am never in a bad mood I just love cuddles and kisses and I like to be noticed all of the time. Not a minute goes past without me pestering the humans to give me some milky or a nuzzle under the chin or to play with me using the black mousy spider thing on a string..Great fun! Last year the humans worried about me because I had put on a lot of weight. I had to get weigh ins at fat cat clinic. I cant help it though! What it means is I am great to cuddle. I have only ever known life at Bromford Court. I was born in the cupboard in the front room and I love my life here very much. I get on well with my dad, he is a bit serious but we both share a lot of personality traits. We like things calm and peaceful but I do like to run around with mum having turf wars.  I also like killing flies and bugs they accidently come into our home. I dont like it when the humans argue. I feel its my job to jump up where they are and cry and miow until they realise how upset I am! It seems to work as they forget their row and cuddle and fuss me instead.

Hope you enjoyed reading about us. Come and say hi to us on twitter too, Add us we are Bromfordcats.  ;)